Voices of expat women

Our Time But Not Our Place

Voices of expatriate women in Papua New Guinea

Edited by: Myra Jean Bourke, Susanne Holz, Kathy Kituai, Linda Roach


According to Penguin Random House Australia’s website:

This anthology challenges commonly held perceptions of expatriate women in Papua New Guinea. Over the years thousands of women, mostly Australians, have lived as expatriates in Papua New Guinea. We went there at different points in our lives and for a variety of reasons. Some of us were keen to go; we were looking for adventure in exotic surroundings, seeking our fortunes, changing jobs, running away from unhappy situations, furthering our professional or academic interests. Many of us were motivated to go to a developing country to ‘do good’. Others went because their partners or their parents had an ambition, an obsession or a contract. All have stories to tell.<br>So begins Our Time But Not Our Place in which 31 women tell us of their experiences of Papua New Guinea. Their voices are as diverse as the encounters they describe; their stories span the time between 1930 and 1990; together their responses challenge commonly held views of the expatriate condition.