Bitter Sweet Aibika

My unpublished work of literary fiction set in Australia and Papua New Guinea, featuring a family whose blended cultural heritage is closely tied to the history of the Papua New Guinean town of Rabaul is no longer UNPUBLISHED! See

But I will continue.

In my original version my title referred to Aibika. Aibika is hibiscus spinach or bele used extensively in PNG cooking. For those no longer living in PNG it is much sought-after. But I have chosen a new name because I wish for a larger audience, not only those who might recognise or empathasize with the narrative of my novel and its characters but also those who only vaguely know about Papua New Guinea history and may be surprised to learn that there’s one major thread that is too often understated or made invisible.

Aibika (native spinach), a staple of PNG cooking

At its heart, my novel asks its readers to consider the fragmented nature of memory and recall and its impact on the construction of identity, both internally and externally.

Gather together any family and talk about a particular event. Each individual will recall that moment according to how it impacted them. There is no truth only fragments that are prejudiced by emotional responses.