First blog post

Hi there. First blog and I still haven’t got WP under control, so please be patient. This website has a dual purpose. One is for me, the writer and reader, to explore any aspects of the joint practices of writing and reading, including my own efforts. The other is to gather information and to acknowledge any stories I come across about a town called Rabaul in Papua New Guinea. I spent six short years living in during my teens but it left an indelible mark. As author Ian Townsend (Line of Fire 2017) suggests in his non-fiction novel, anyone who has ever lived there, continues to love it. It stuns me that so little is being written , and this implies so much history is already lost.  And the few works, academic or creative, that have been written are scattered. Will the efforts of the rare breed of storytellers who tackle the difficulties of limited research material slip between the cracks?

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